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Our Promises

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    Plant to Pill

    Our sugar-free, gluten-free plant ingredients are sourced from reliable farmers and converted in-house into pure, potent extracts for high-quality end products.

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    A pediatric gastroenterologist and mother have formulated our plant-based children's digestive health products, merging medical knowledge with care.

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    Clean Supply Chain

    Our quality-first approach ensures handpicked ingredients, in-house processing for pure extracts, and rigorous testing of each supplement batch for your child's safety.

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    Kid Friendly

    Our all-natural, enjoyable, and tasty products transform medicine intake from a mundane task into a pleasant daily routine for children.

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    Made in USA

    Our USA-manufactured products meet top industry standards, with strict quality control for dependable children's gut health solutions.


Out Story

Why Eka Started EKA Health

EKA Health, founded by 2 mothers and, twin sisters, to harness the power of plant-based medicine and technology to provide safe, effective, and natural solutions for children's digestive issues. They leverage their expertise in medicine, as a Paediatric Gastroenterologist,  and with the family's decades-long expertise in alternative medicine, to bring innovations that children will love.

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